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Using silk-filled bedding is like sleeping in a cloud.  It’s luxuriously soft, smooth and cozy as it drapes you in weightless comfort.  And, unlike even the very best eider-down, it’s naturally allergy-free, will not leak or shift, is perfectly silent, and can be used year round. Our silk fill is made of high grade, long strand pure mulberry floss that will not bunch or shift, even with no quilting.  (Low grade, short strand silk floss is often used in lower quality bedding.  It’s easy to spot it – it must be quilted to prevent shifting.)
Silk-filled duvets breathe and keep the body at a steady, comfortable temperature.  Silk absorbs moisture, helping you stay cool and dry.  It naturally repels bugs and dust mites and helps prevent allergies and asthma attacks. Being lightweight and non-bulky, it’s perfect for the elderly and for those with neuropathy and arthritis. Eight convenient loops help secure a duvet cover in place. 

Weight Options

  • All-Season – use in a heated / cooled room.  Available in a 230-count white cotton dobby or a silk habotai shell.
  • Pick-a-Side™ – A dual-weight duvet for couples with differ­ent warmth preferences.  It also serves as a hybrid all-season / summer duvet.  Silk-cotton Whispercale® shell.

Shell Options

  • Cotton – a sturdy, 230-ct economical choice well-suited for duvet covers that don’t have corner tie-downs.
  • Silk-Cotton Whispercale® – a rose-petal-soft fabric used in our innovative Pick-a-Side™.  Also well-suited for duvet covers without corner tie-downs.
  • Pure Silk Habotai – our award-winning duvet uses this fine silk for the ultimate in weightless luxury.  The king duvet weighs an impossible 4 lbs! All-season weight only.
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