10 Reasons We're Loving LINEN -- all about the Best Sheet For Summer (plus our brand picks!)

That slowly rising outdoor thermometer can only mean one thing: summer is on the way. But that doesn't mean you have to suffer through months of sweat-soaked sheets.
This year, shake up your sleeping setup with a set of soft, breathable linen sheets. This classic fabric is making a comeback, and it's easy to see why.
Here are 10 reasons we're loving linen for summer (plus all of our favorite picks):
1. Linen is naturally cool.
Thanks to a looser weave than your typical cotton bedsheet, linen sheets trap far less heat, leaving you cool and comfortable. Goodbye night sweats!
One of our favorites, Matouk Porto, is crafted from the finest European flax certified linen and finished with a satin stitch border. Each piece of the Porto collection has been stone washed for a lived-in luxury feel.
2. Linen sheets are breathable.
That loose weave we mentioned before also allows for increased airflow between fibers, which translates to a cooler, less stuffy sleeping experience.
The Milos Collection by SDH features an antique-inspired motif and comes in eight gorgeous, easy-to-coordinate colors.
3. They're highly absorbent.
Linen can absorb 20 times its weight in moisture, so they'll be able to stand up to even the most intense bout of night sweats.
Pine Cone Hill's Lush Linen collection is softly stonewashed and exquisitely textured, helping you sleep better and deeper as you tumble into the pure happiness of rumpled suppleness.
4. They're moisture-wicking.
Made from flaxseed, linen fibers naturally wick away more moisture than cotton, keeping your skin dry and comfortable all night long.
Our newly added Pom Pom at Home Linen set is made with 100% Belgian flax linen for a look and feel that's timeless yet sophisticated.
 5. They get softer with every wash.
Coarse flax fibers mean your new linen sheets may start out extremely crisp when you first slide them onto the bed. But with every single wash these fibers soften and relax, giving you the comfy feel you crave.
Looking for a set that's soft and supple right away? Consider the Linen Plus collection by SDH Purists. This all-natural line of products is free of chemical ingredients, chemical bleaches, chemical dyes, chemical finishes, and formaldehyde — and they're still luxuriously soft and beautiful. The Linen Plus collection is a linen/cotton sateen blend, combining the soft suppleness of natural, un-dyed cotton with the crisp, cool luxury of linen.

6. Linen is naturally hypoallergenic.
Got allergies or asthma? Natural linen sheets resist allergens, meaning even people with severe allergies (or sensitive skin) can sleep in them comfortably.
As we mentioned above, The Purists line by SDH is free of many harmful chemicals, so they'd be a great choice for any allergy sufferers. The Gobi Linen collection features a subtle print to add interest to the bed.

7. They're durable.
Linen sheets are an investment that can last decades: they're much stronger than cotton and if cared for properly, can last years longer.

Looking for the ultimate in luxurious sleep experience? Look no farther than Sferra Classico, linen sheets that offer unparalleled comfort—cool to the touch and ultra breathable—so your nights will be contented, no matter the climate. 
8. They're responsibly sourced.
Traditionally every part of the flax plant is used after harvesting, meaning nothing is wasted. The resilient fax plant also uses far less water in its consumption than cotton.
These sheets from SDH's Bellini collection feature yarns processed using low-impact, fiber-reactive dyes and the most advanced environmentally friendly methods.
9. Linen is a pure, natural fiber that's been around for thousands of years
Flax was one of the first crops to be cultivated in about 7,000 B.C. The ancient Greeks wove linen into their armor (remember how durable we told you it is?) and bolts of linen cloth have been found in pharaoh’s tombs. Discover the secret that royals have known for generations: Linen is the way to go.

For something more modern that ancient royalty would still appreciate, check out Pine Cone Hill's Harmony striped sheet set Mostly white with four-inch hem of vertical decking stripes, their lush linen is softly stonewashed and exquisitely textured to keep you cool and comfortable all night long.
10. Linen naturally repels insects, bacteria and other yucky critters.
Known for being naturally antibacterial, linen's quick-drying and moisture wicking properties don't let bacteria build up. Its weave also repels moths and other insects including dust mites.
Switch things up with Pine Cone Hill's Julian sheet set, a cotton/linen blend with a woven check design.  Perfectly proportioned squares of classic cobalt on an off-white ground promise to stand the test of time in both quality and design.
Stop by the store to discover more of our favorite luxurious linen bedding styles.