Update your space with these top design trends for 2021

Ready to spruce up your space for the new year? You aren't alone. Since being at home for nearly ten months, many people are ready to make a few design changes. 

We researched the top tastemakers and talked to our own Cathy Jones, who has more than three decades of interior design experience, to find out the up and coming design trends of 2021.

Here are some easy ways to bring your house into the new year:

Aesthetic: Cozy and Calm

According to Vogue, the word of the year is "comfort." Since we're all spending so much more time at home, making our space feel comfortable is a top priority.

A comfortable space starts with the character and ambience of a room. In the bedroom, Cathy says blue hues are holding steady as a popular color scheme. This tranquil color brings calming, serene vibes to your space, perfect for promoting sleep.

You'll also want low lighting -- no harsh overhead bulbs -- to soothe rather than stimulate the mind. Soft-hued lamps fitted with low wattage light bulbs will fit the bill perfectly.

As for the furnishings, gray is continuing to have a huge moment in the sun. That's because it's neutral, natural and goes with any décor. Work it in with a pair of gray night stands that will stand the test of time. 

Further enhance your comfortable ambience by lighting a Nest candle in a cozy scent like velvet pear. Cathy said customers flock to Nest candles (and diffusers) because of the superior quality.

 Nest Velvet Pear

Pops of Pattern

While people are still loving their neutral color palettes of white or gray, our designers say there's been a resurgence in patterns, textures and bold colors.

"You'll see a powder room with one bold accent wall of wallpaper or tile going all the way to the ceiling," Cathy says.

If you aren't ready to ride the wallpaper wave just yet, you can still add texture and visual interest on the countertop with a unique soap dispenser and tissue box cover like these from the Bali Collection

Bali aqua soap dispenserBali aqua tissue cover

In the bedroom, try breaking up your all white bed with a patterned throw like Sferra's Lassia throw — fun yet neutral enough to work with lots of different décor styles.



Purposeful Pieces

Designers predict the demise of barren, empty surfaces like countertops or bedside tables. Now that we're spending more time in our own spaces, we're looking to make them as user-friendly as possible with beautiful yet practical pieces that serve a real purpose.

Consider the water cup you take up to bed each night. It's quenching your thirst but is it enhancing the aesthetic of your space? It might be time to upgrade to a beautiful glass carafe like this one from Pigeon & Poodle.

Glass bedside carafe

In the bathroom, consider trading your plastic soap pump for something more substantial, like a gorgeous vanity set. And even your bathroom mirror can be an objet d'art.


Metal Finishes

Brass is back. People are loving the warmer feel of brass when it comes to lighting, fixtures and other accents around the home, says Cathy.

Campania Coaster

Brass easily compliments other materials - like these quartz mini lamps and crystal obelisks. It also comes in many shades and finishes - like these two tone matte brass coasters from Sferra. Or, if you prefer a little glitzy gold, this stylish yet practical brass guest towel holder is the perfect addition to any powder room.

Brass guest towel holder

Whether you're in the mood for a little refresh or a whole room redo, Bedside Manor is ready to help. Stop by the store to speak with Cathy or another one of our design professionals to find out more about our favorite home decor trends for 2021.