Ultra Luxe Linens: When Only the Best Will Do

Home design trends are ever evolving, but one constant of recent years is a movement toward more simplified and sophisticated decor. Opulent excess has been replaced by a more streamlined elegance, shifting the focus to quality. High end home linen brands have taken a strong lead in the luxury space with collections that showcase revolutionary advancements in textile production and design.

As these companies continue to source the highest quality materials from all over the world, they are also developing eminently modern designs with previously unheard of thread counts. In an exclusive interview with New York Spaces, Michelle Klein, President and CEO of Sferra attributes their astonishing 1,000+ thread counts to, "sourcing premium raw materials and spinning them into yarns the breadth of a hair or finer, which simultaneously possess exceptional strength." She describes this process as "art and magic", beautifully capturing the spirit of what we're currently seeing in ultra luxe linens. It seems that nothing short of magic could produce such heavenly products. 

Who doesn't want to begin and end their day wrapped in luxury? Sferra's Giza 45 Luxe is one of the most talked about collections, with its perfect balance of rich softness and unparalleled durability. Renowned as "The Queen of Egyptian Cotton", Giza 45 is the most exclusive variety of fine cotton. Grown in one small region of the Nile (which is also most fertile region), this incredibly rare cotton is harvested only by hand with a limited yield each year. The textile itself is produced in Italy where Sferra's "most trusted Italian weaver" developed the new method of spinning gossamer-fine threads. This combination of such a rare fiber and hundreds of years of superior Italian craftmanship is what makes the smooth and silken Giza 45 Luxe truly remarkable. 

Rare and unusual materials is an undeniable trend in luxury design - and in the world of down products, eiderdown currently holds the ultra luxe title. 100% goose down has often been touted as the highest quality, but eiderdown is even lighter and softer. Unlike high density goose down, eiderdown comforters allow for more air flow, letting body heat and moisture through instead of trapping it under the covers. It's also much more arduous to collect. While goose down is plucked from geese, eiderdown is harvested by hand from abandoned Eider duck nests in the wild. Without question, rare, luxurious and cruelty free eiderdown earns its spot at the top.

In the midst of these excting new trends in material sourcing and development, classic luxury textiles haven't been left behind. Silk, cashmere and fur are still considered hallmarks of luxury living.

Silk Story's Bluvet® is a silk-filled duvet, blanket and bedspread in one. The blanket side is mulberry silk and the reverse a cotton-silk Whispercale®. Layered between the two is a light fill of mulberry silk floss. Perfect for all season use.

If you have sheets and duvets covered and are looking for the best of the best in blankets, try Sferra's pure cashmere Savoy Blanket. This buttery soft thermal 330-gram weight blanket will keep you warm and cozy on the coldest of winter nights.

Since we never like to limit luxury to bed linens...a fabulous throw blanket is something that you carry from bed to couch to office chair. Made from 100% baby alpaca, Alicia Adams' Alpaca Pom Pom Throw is lightweight, hypoallergenic and velvety smooth to the touch. The choice of 20 different colorways makes this luxe treat perfect for any home or aesthetic. 

If you really want some wow factor in a throw, faux fur makes a bold statement. Evelyn Prelong's Faux Fur collection brings Haute Couture to the home. Faux throw blankets offer Old Hollywood glamour with a cruelty free spin. Pick your own pelt from six different colorways. 

Current decor trends may favor a more spare aesthetic, but home design leaders and tastemakers have expertly balanced this simplicity with attention to the finer details. Those details are what takes a product from Lovely to Luxe. And if you can treat yourself to the best, why would you ever settle for less?