Spring cleaning: Freshen your linens and declutter your linen closet

Something about spring always reminds us of new beginnings. From trees filled with sweet pink buds to robins feathering their nests before the arrival of bright blue eggs — everything is starting over anew. And just like the robin, we often find ourselves getting our own nests in order every spring. Even if you're not waiting for a new arrival, you're probably ready to freshen up your space after being trapped inside through the winter months. Here are some of our favorite tips for spring cleaning.



You can't pick up a lifestyle magazine without reading about Marie Kondo's organizational methods that have gained a cult-like following. Some devotees spend hours poring over the organizational maven's tips and tricks, but perhaps her simplest mantra is to get rid of an item if it doesn't "spark joy." Meaning ... if you're holding an object or article of clothing and it doesn't make you happy, toss it in the donation bin.

The internet is replete with checklists to help you Marie Kondo your whole house to your heart's content, but let's focus on the bed and bath. This spring, take a good hard look at each of these items and decide when it's time to let them go. 


• Sheets: Go through your linen closet and be honest with yourself: when is the last time you used half your sheets? And why aren't you using them? If they're missing a pillowcase, starting to pill or you just don't like them, toss them in the donate pile. (psst... Bring your clean, gently used linens and towels to our store and we'll donate them to a local animal shelter for you.)
• Towels and washcloths: Are they starting to fray or shrink? Some can be repurposed for post-pet-bath or the cleaning rag pile, but most should just be donated.
• Throw pillows: Some can get a new life with a fresh pillow cover, but if you feel you have more pillows than surfaces to put them on, consider getting rid of a few.
• Throw blankets: It's nice to have a few around for chilly nights, but if you've accumulated a collection large enough to wrap every person in your neighborhood, it's time to share the wealth. Donate several to a local shelter.
• Skincare, such as lotion: Most of these products have a small icon on the label that tells how long they'll stay fresh after opening. If you opened your bedside table lotion during the Obama administration, it's time to toss it in the trash.

Of course, once you've gotten rid of your threadbare sheets and crusty lotion bottles, you can reward yourself with something new. Stop by the store to pick up a few items that will leave your home feeling fresh this spring.


After purging the stuff you no longer want, it's time to spring clean everything else. Fortunately, we carry a variety of luxury cleaning and laundering products.

For whiter sheets (and other surfaces)

Laundress All-Purpose Bleach Alternative
Many people think one pro of an all-white bed is the ability to bleach their sheets into oblivion at the first sign of a stain, but think again. Experts say the chlorine in bleach can actually react with common sheet stains, such as body oils, giving your sheets a dingy yellow hue. Instead, reach for this bleach alternative — it's non-toxic, fragrance-free and biodegradable — and can even be used on floors, tiles, sinks and other surfaces. It's safe for colors and most fabrics except silk and wool.

Another great product for keeping linens, t-shirts and other whites bright is Laundress White Detergent. Composed especially to illuminate your white laundry with the combination of a bleaching agent, optical brightener and stain-fighting agents, this detergent is sure to become a laundry room staple.

For freshening your workout wear

Laundress Sport Detergent
You may be sweating it out at the gym every day to prep your summer body, but your workout wear doesn't have to smell that way. Laundress Sport Detergent cleans and freshens without affecting the elasticity of your favorite athleisure gear that's made with nylon, spandex, cotton or synthetics. It smells like a fresh blend of orange, rose, eucalyptus and jasmine and is highly concentrated: up to 32 washes per bottle.

For your linens (and everything else!)

LeBlanc Linenwash
Our best-selling detergent, this ultra-concentrated wash removes tough stains like red wine, lipstick and coffee. It's a customer favorite for linens, and many customers use it on everything from their delicates to their everyday wear. The scent is amazing and it's free of phosphates, sulfates and bleach. Best of all, you only need to use one capful per load so one bottle goes a long way.

For those tough stains

Laundress Stain Solution
Formulated to break down nasty stains like coffee, grease and blood, this stain remover is simple to use: just apply it to the spot, brush it in with a soft-bristled brush, pour hot water on and let it soak before laundering.


We have many more fine cleaning products in the store. Stop by and talk to our associates about how to get your home sparkling clean for the spring.