Save vs. Splurge: Where to pinch pennies and where to go all-out

Purchasing new items for the home is an instant serotonin-boost. Crisp sheets, fluffy towels, a cozy new throw— there's just something about freshening things up that can elevate your mood for weeks, months and beyond.

But when building your budget, where can you save some cash (and where is it smart to invest in higher quality)? Our save vs. splurge guide can help.



Looking for somewhere to invest? Put down the crypto currency app and walk into your master suite. It's one of the only places in your home that you use Every. Single. Day. The bedding you choose here will be used over and over, so even higher price point items will boil down to a low cost-per-use.

For the bedroom, choose sheets that will facilitate a better night's sleep every night, and hold up to wash after wash for years to come.

Our favorites include Sferra Giza, a soft, airy-light sheet made of cotton grown in the Nile valley and woven by master craftsmen in Italy. It comes in many options including a crisp percale, a supple sateen and a delicate lace trim.

For another ultra-luxe option, consider SDH's Legna collection. Sustainably produced with 100% wood fiber, Legna combines the smooth and supple feel of silk with the easy care of cotton. Woven in Italy to SDH’s exact specifications for color and design and meticulously finished to their stringent standards of beauty and quality, Legna Classic modal bed sheets are a truly guilt-free luxury.

Pro tip: Conventional wisdom suggests rotating three sets of sheets for your bed. One on the bed, one in the linen closet and one in the wash. This will give your fitted sheets a "rest," so to speak, avoiding excessive stress on delicate fibers and warping the elastic.


For rooms where the bed is used less frequently, such as a guest room or vacation home bedroom, you can choose sheets with a more approachable price point.

We like Matouk's Essex, whose crisp white 350-thread-count long-staple cotton percale sheeting features two lines of satin stitching in a variety of colors to match any decor.


Top of Bed


Silk-filled comforters are worth the splurge if you're an allergy sufferer or someone who has trouble with temperature control at night. These hypoallergenic moisture-wicking comforters naturally repel dust mites and bed bugs and are still decadently soft.

Silk Filled Comforter

If you're a down-lover through and through, splurge on Matouk Edelweiss, an ultra-luxe, decadently soft offering from a brand known for heirloom quality products.


Does your bed see frequent visitors of the small and furry variety? If you're still in the stage of life when kids and pets are piling in bed with you, consider topping the bed with an easy-to-launder coverlet like Diamond Pique that features a fun scalloped edge. It's extremely lightweight and great for layering as well.


Bed Pillows


Anything that you're laying your head on every single night should be high-quality. After all, a supported head and neck can be the difference between a restful night's sleep and a day full of stiffness and pain.

For a down pillow, we like Scandia St Petersburg, a handmade pillow that combines the loft of 850 fill-power Siberian white goose down with the sumptuous touch of Silk Jacquard. The result is a pillow of extraordinary luxury and beauty made in the United States, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and service for a lifetime, The St Petersburg is created for those with a discerning eye.

Luxury Down Pillows

If you're looking for the ultimate splurge, look no farther than Eiderdown. Found in Sferra's Utopia collection, this down is culled only from the Eider duck in Iceland and is renowned as the puffiest down clusters in the world.


The designers' trick to saving when it comes to pillows? If you're buying shams, throw pillows or other decorative pillows that won't be slept on, you can forego down-filled and use a feather blend, down alternative poly fill since you won't have to worry about head and neck support. 

Our favorite down alternative is Scandia Bergen — Even Scandia’s down experts are impressed by how closely this pillow mimics the luxury and loft of the highest grade natural goose down filling. Each pillow is filled with Scandia Supra-cluster© hypoallergenic microfiber and wrapped in finely-woven 245 thread-count cotton twill ticking with cotton piping.  




For your master bathroom, invest in a quality towel like Yves Delorme Etoile. Classic and elegant, these terry towels are crafted from a blend of fine, luxurious long-staple cotton and natural modal, making them softer, more durable, more absorbent and quicker-drying than pure cotton towels. 


Some people think that for their beach or lake homes, cheaper towels are the way to go. But remember that vacation house towels get washed constantly, so they'll need to be able to stand up to frequent laundering. 

Matouk Guesthouse towels feature a nice price point, but that doesn't mean they're low-quality. They're extremely soft and absorbent, and hold up well out of the wash.




Think about the function of your throw blanket before you decide how much to invest. If it's something you'll be wrapping up in every night, consider a high-quality cashmere like Juno from Lands Downunder or a luxe faux fur like this one from Evelyne Prelonge.


If your throw will be mainly decorative, you can eschew expensive cashmere for a more economical choice like combed cotton, found here in Sferra Celine, which comes in several soft colors blended with warm ivory and finished with a flirty twisted fringe.


Cleaning products

Leblanc's iconic laundry detergent Linenwash may seem like a "splurge" but it pays off in the end by caring for your linens and extending their life.

Each bottle is highly concentrated, lasting for dozens and dozens of washes. A little goes a long way. And it's so gentle on textiles, the company even recommends using it for antique bedding and vintage items like christening gowns. We carry it in several sizes — try it out and you'll be instantly hooked.



There's a difference between a robe you toss on after the shower or a workout and a chic accessory you wrap up in for coffee or breakfast in bed. For the latter, we like to pamper ourselves with the 100% cashmere of Sferra Sardinia. These sumptuous robes are also perfect for gifting to the lover of luxury.



Nothing beats the classic waffle-weave spa robe like this one. Super absorbent and lightweight, they're perfect after a few laps in the pool or hang one in the bathroom to wear during your beauty routine.




We carry a variety of highly-fragrant luxury candles, including cult-favorite Thuccasi. They're available in a variety of scents including the Ocean collection, which features cypress, bergamot, yellow berries, driftwood and aquatic amber.

Each Thuccasi candle comes in a gorgeous reusable vessel with a wooden lid and they're available in 8 and 12-oz. sizes.


For a nice gift that won't break the bank, consider our Bedside Manor signature candle ($40). They smell like crisp, fresh linens and have our logo embossed on the outside of an elegant white vessel that will fit with any décor.

Whether you're on a strict budget or hoping to truly indulge, visit the store and let our associates help you find the perfect décor items to make your house feel like a home.