Need a nap? Benefits of short snoozes (and how to get the best sleep)

Kids do them daily, adults wish for them and almost everyone has snuck one in after a long day in the sun or a long night on the town.

Naps are nature's ultimate refresher when you're tired during the day. They can increase your focus and productivity even better than coffee or an energy drink. 

And even though we may feel guilty for sneaking one in, naps are actually a form of self-care. Experts say naps can improve your mood, reaction time and memory. But there's a right and a wrong way to nap.

Nap the wrong way and you'll be a groggy, grumpy mess until bedtime. Nap the right way and you'll wake up focused, alert and ready to take on the day.

In honor of National Napping Day on Monday March 14, here are our tips for a successful snooze:

  • Keep it short. The experts at the Mayo Clinic recommend only 10 to 20 minutes at a time, or else you run the risk of feeling groggy afterward.
  • Pick the right time of day. When's the best time to snuggle up for a snooze? It depends on your schedule, but many people have success napping during the mid-morning or soon after lunch. Napping after 3 p.m. can negatively impact your sleep schedule later when you're ready to settle in for the night.
  • Don't nap in your bed. Getting in bed cues your body and brain that it's time for a long sleep. If you nap somewhere else — like on the couch — you likely won't sleep as long.

Even though you shouldn't be snuggling into your bed for a short snooze, you can still make your napping environment restful by pulling the curtains or blinds, turning off screens and silencing your phone to minimize distractions. Remember, since naps are a short burst of sleep you want quality over quantity.

Another great way to make a restful napping area: toss on some luxe loungewear and cozy up in a soft blanket.

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So in honor of National Napping Day, snuggle up for a guilt-free mid-day snooze.