Do Mattress Pads really Matter?

What is a Mattress Pad and Why do I need one?

A Mattress Pad is a quilted layer that fits around your mattress. It has 2 main purposes; to add softness/comfort and to protect your mattress. A quality mattress can be a large investment and one of the best ways to increase the longevity of your mattress is to use a good mattress pad.

Nighttime perspiration and skin oils can seep through your sheets and into the mattress (yuk!) and once skin cells and stains get into your mattress, they are almost impossible to get out. 

Fortunately, the right mattress pad can not only protect your mattress but can also add an additional level of comfort for a more comfortable sleep experience.

Which Mattress Pad is best for me?

Cotton Mattress Pads are the most popular and most economical mattress pads. Cotton is durable, easy to care for and these mattress pads are finished with a soft outer layer.

But, if you are looking for an even better night's sleep, mattress pads are actually available in a wide range of materials and can offer many other benefits that will enhance the quality of your sleep and the comfort of your mattress.

Temperature Regulating

Wool Mattress Pads - Contrary to popular belief, wool is NOT hot to sleep on and is actually one of the best temperature regulating materials. Wool mattress pads keep a person cool when it is hot, and warm when it is cold. Wool is also naturally moisture-wicking because of the molecular structure of wool fibers and very comfortable and supportive to sleep on.

ThermaBalance Mattress Pads - The ThermaBalance mattress pad is filled with Tencel fibers, a sustainable material derived from renewable eucalyptus wood cellulose. TENCEL is softer than silk, cooler than linen, and absorbs 50% more moisture than cotton. The ThermaBalance mattress pad offers cooling comfort in the hottest of climates.

Additional Comfort

Down Mattress Pad - Our most expensive mattress pad, a down mattress pad is ideal for someone who is trying to create the plush “hotel bed” style of sleep. These lofty mattress pads are filled with 100% white goose down and provide a soft, cushioned base to sleep on.


Arcadia Waterproof Mattress Pad - Filled with a microfiber fill that is made to simulate down, the Arcadia mattress pad is thicker than other mattress pads.  Because it is poly filled it is not as cool to sleep on as a tencel, wool, down or cotton pad but it is waterproof, machine washable and hypo-allergenic.

Side Note: A down mattress pad is not a feather bed. Mattress pads are designed to protect the mattress and provide some softness to the mattress itself.  A feather bed is a topper that is a combination of feathers and down. A feather bed is much thicker than a mattress pad and is a much softer sleep experience. Please note a feather bed topper might not be the best option for a firm mattress if you have back problems because it won't provide the necessary level of firm support.

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