Linen Taming: Organizing Your Way to A Manageable Linen Closet

Linen closets are notoriously chaotic. Why is it that every time we put away freshly washed sheets, they seem to get more and more jumbled? Even when linens are organized according to set and size piles, pillowcases go missing once beautifully folded top sheets get accordioned up in the back of the pile…and there is never enough room!

Here are four tips that will not only keep your closet organized, but will also create space without filling Goodwill bags.

1. Make sure that your organizational system provides the easiest access to those linens you use most frequently. This sounds obvious, but it’s amazing how we tend to group similar items together, regardless of how often we actually use them. If you have off-season or special guest sheets, consider putting them on the top shelf instead of stacking them with everyday sets. The items you use least don’t need to be up front and center.

2. Got a Sharpie? Usually, ink + linens = disaster, but there is an exception to that rule… At the bottom corner of each flat and fitted sheet, label the sheet size:  T/F/Q/K. No more mixing up sets and straining to get a full size fitted sheet on your queen size bed. Also - that little Q at the bottom ensures that you will never again find yourself trying to put a fitted sheet on the bed sideways.

3. Stacks of sheets are an avalanche hazard when you need to grab something from the middle. Avoid toppling, by “packaging” your sets. One Pinterest-worthy option is using a decorative ribbon or some twine. If you would prefer something a little more low maintenance, you can slip the folded sheets into one of the matching pillow cases. We’ve also seen people use extra large Ziploc bags to package up sheet sets (these would work beautifully for long term storage). Having a hard time stuffing those fitted sheets in with the rest? Watch this surprisingly simple folding tutorial

4. If you’d like to take your organizing up a notch, compartmentalize things with containers like decorative bins or baskets. Not everything in your closet is part of a set, so separate containers can be used for random pillowcases, holiday themed accessories or odds and ends.

Keeping an organized linen closet can save time and save your sanity. Find more tips for folding and storing linens HERE!