Let's roll: Towel Rolling and Folding 101

Ready to de-clutter your linen closet, countertop and towel rack? Upgrade your boring towel folds to something more chic. Read on to learn three new ways to fold and roll your towels.

The Stacking Fold

Perfect for organizing your linen closet or cabinet, this folding method makes even fluffy, plush towels like the Matouk Milagro flat enough to fit neatly stacked on the shelf.

Here are the steps:

1. Fold in half lengthwise
2. Fold each short end toward the middle, being sure to leave a small space in between.
3. Fold both ends over each other and smooth the surface, creating a beautifully stackable towel!


The Spa Roll

If you love storing your towels and washcloths in baskets, this simple yet chic fold will immediately make your bathroom look like a spa.

Here's how to do it:

1. Fold one corner across the towel lengthwise.
2. Fold the towel in half lengthwise.
3. Flip the towel over.
4. Starting on the opposite end from the point, tightly roll the towel.
5. Tuck the point into the end of the towel.


The Pocket and Fan Fold

Now that you've mastered our simple folds, you're probably ready for something slightly more advanced. Enter the pocket and fan fold. You might have seen this fold in a high-end hotel, but it's easy to recreate at home. You'll need two towels to create this look — we used a washcloth and a bath sheet.

Here's how to make it happen:

1. Fold the bottom quarter of the towel toward the center and then back on top of itself, leaving about half the towel un-folded.
2. Flip the towel over, being careful not to disturb the folds you've already done.
3. Fold the edges of the towel in toward the center vertically, layering one edge over the other.
4. Tuck one of the towel edges under the other, creating the back of the pocket.
5. Flip the towel again, revealing the pocket.
6. Create the fan by folding the washcloth in small, alternating folds like a fan.
7. Place the washcloth in the pocket of the towel.


For these videos we used Matouk Milagro bath sheets and wash cloths. 

This best-selling towel is woven from luxurious Egyptian cotton “zero-twist” yarns, resulting in an incredibly lightweight towel that still feels thick and plush. And it comes in more than a dozen colors to match any mood or decor.

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