Let There Be Light: Lighting Trends for Darker Days & Nights

Daylight Savings Time ended at 2 a.m. Sunday, meaning the days will get shorter and darkness will fall earlier.

That's why it's a good time to start thinking about lighting. Whether you like to illuminate your space with lamps, recessed lighting, elaborate fixtures or simple sconces, lighting is a major key to home décor.

"Think of lighting like a piece of artwork in your home," says our own Cathy Jones, who has more than three decades of interior design experience. "Lighting in your home is not only a necessity, but also something you can look at and admire."

We asked Cathy for some of the top trends in lighting right now, room-by-room, and here's what she had to say.

Living Room

OUT: Ceiling fans
IN: Big chandeliers ("The bigger, the better," Cathy says) and natural materials like bamboo, rattan and rope are in.

For lamps, choose something that takes its inspiration from the outdoors, like natural stone. This one from Currey & Company features marble-inspired veining and an off-white linen shade.

Another trend with staying power: anything with drum shades. This bold black Drape lamp from Couture doubles as an objet d'art.


"Lighting in the living room should be soft and inviting," Cathy says. That means however you light your space, choose a bulb with a warm color temperature. And if possible, make sure everything is dimmable so it's easily changed with the time of day, weather, seasons and your mood.
Another piece of advice: placement matters.
"To keep the room looking cohesive, you'll want to be sure that the heights of your bulbs is about the same across all of your table lamps and floor lamps. Avoid glare when seated next to a lamp by making sure the bottom of the lamp shade falls no higher than eye level," say the experts at Bedside Manor.


This one is neutral enough to blend with any décor, but features a fun detail that's interesting to the eye. It would be perfect on a sofa table or side table in a reading nook.


"Much like in the living room, you'll want to make your bedroom lighting soft and inviting," Cathy says.

OUT: A neutral lamp on each bedside table
IN: Sconces over bedside tables, colorful lamps that tie the room together

"Instead of crowding their bedside tables with lamps, people are opting for a sconce on each side of the bed," Cathy says.

These sconces often feature globe lighting and/or natural materials like rope and rattan.


Not ready to let go of your bedside lamp? Use it as a way to bring some color into the room, Cathy suggests.

"If your bedroom is totally blue but you'd like to bring in some orange or pink, a lamp is a great way to do that," she says. "Or if you want to go monochromatic, choose a lamp that's in the same color family as the rest of your room."

The Bryant lamp from Couture has an eye catching design, but it's still neutral enough to match the blue-and-green-toned bedroom we've paired it with here.

Want something metallic to add some interest to your all-white bed? Jamie Young's Celeste table lamp brings a taste of Morocco to any space — a glamorous statement piece where style meets function.


Lighting in the kitchen and bathroom should be bright and clear, with a cooler temperature so you can see what you're cooking (or how to apply your makeup).

OUT: A kitchen full of can lights
IN: Adding fun and interesting fixtures.

(Benchmark Custom Homes)

"In addition to recessed lighting which is always popular in kitchens, now we're seeing lots of sconces over the sink," Cathy says. "And for sconces and pendant lights, large white and clear globes are definitely in."

(Lulu Home Design)

However, don't go too crazy trying to match your lighting to your faucets and fixtures.

(Les Beaux Interiors)

"I think a big mistake people make is matching their chandeliers to their cabinet handles and faucets," Cathy says. "Your lighting should complement your décor, not match it exactly. It should look like something special you found while out shopping."

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