Folding a fitted sheet the easy way

Folding a fitted sheet may seem like a daunting task that usually ends with you stuffing a wadded up mess into your linen closet.

But it doesn't have to be this way! Follow our step-by-step tutorial to create a beautifully folded sheet (that even has a pocket for your pillowcases)!

Folding a fitted sheet: Step by step

1. Start by spreading your sheet out with the elasticized edges facing upward. Stand at the bottom and put your hands into the bottom two corners.
2. Tuck the bottom two corners into the top two corners and straighten.
3. Fold up the bottom of the sheet, forming a rectangle.
4. Fold both ends of the sheet to the center horizontally.
5. Fold the sheet in half horizontally and smooth out wrinkles.
6. Starting at the bottom, fold the sheet upward twice.
7. Fold the top edge of the sheet down and tuck the bottom edge into the "pocket."
PRO TIP: The pocket is the perfect place to store pillowcases!
Voila! Goodbye balled-up sheets, hello organized linen closet!
For this video we used a deep-pocket sheet from Sferra's Fiona collection. This silky sateen sheet is elasticized all the way around so once it's on your bed, it won't budge.
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