Feathering Your Nest – A Guide to the Ultimate Bed and Bath Trousseau

The venue is reserved, the wedding dress is ordered and a long list of vendors has been booked. Now it’s time for some serious fun: creating your bridal registry!

While every couple loves feathering their nest, the options can be overwhelming. Should a gravy boat match your china or your silver pattern? Are cocktail forks really a thing? Champagne flutes or bowls? Before you get mired down in the finer points of dishes and barware, consider how often you will be using these items. Do you entertain weekly? Monthly? Less? 

Now ask yourself how often you pull back the covers to climb into bed. Perhaps your registry should start with the room where you begin and end each day.

Your bedroom should be your haven – a place to relax and recharge. Sleeping aside, the linens in your bridal trousseau also set the stage for cozy mornings in bed with the Sunday paper, snuggling up with a favorite old movie and late night whispering about dreams for the future. 

But where to start? First, think about your style. What colors and textures make you want to curl up with a good book? Do you like patterns or solids? Or does an eclectic mix suit you best?

Here is some visual inspiration::

A romantic floral in vibrant hues…

Cumulus clouds of white…

Casual stripe in soft blues…

Sophisticated scroll design …

Hard to decide? Consider selecting a coverlet or duvet cover that matches more than one set of sheets. Interchangeable duvet covers offer a variety of decorating options to suit your mood. And don’t forget the decorative pillows!

Like mom always said, “looks aren’t everything.” When choosing sheets and other bedding, you should always prioritize quality. Quality sheets are determined by their fiber composition. The most popular – and practical – choice is 100% cotton, which works for any climate and becomes softer with frequent use. Long Staple Egyptian cotton is best as it has much longer and finer strands, resulting in a stronger and silkier fabric.

We suggest registering for three sets of bedroom linens – two for a quick and easy laundry day switch, and one spare set.

Your bedroom trousseau list should include:

  • 3 Flat sheets
  • 3 Fitted sheets
  • 3 Cases per pillow
  • 1 Down comforter
  • 1 Mattress pad
  • 1 Duvet cover
  • 1 Sham per pillow
  • 1 Lightweight summer blanket
  • 1 Winterweight blanket
  • 1 Dust ruffle
  • 1-2 Throw blankets
  • Assortment of decorative pillows

Be a good host! If you have any guest bedrooms, don’t forget to select two additional sets of sheets for each.

What next? The bathroom of course! 

Many master bedrooms have an en suite bathroom. This doesn’t mean that your shower curtain should match your sheets though. Bathrooms are small, so it’s best to keep the décor simple. And wedding guests would love to send the newlyweds a set of monogrammed towels!

All-cotton towels are the softest and most absorbent. The two options are looped terry towels, which are thick and thirsty or sheared terry towels, which are velvety to the touch. And of course, Egyptian cotton offers the best quality.
Here is what you’ll need for your bathroom trousseau:

  • 6-12 Bath towels
  • 8-12 Hand towels
  • 8-12 Washcloths
  • 1 Tub mat
  • 1 Bath rug
  • 1 Shower curtain and liner
  • 2 Sets of bath, hand and wash linens for each guest bathroom
  • 1 Set of bath accessories (cup, soap dish/dispenser, tissue box cover, waste basket, etc.)

Pro Tip: Once you complete your registry, why not kill two birds with one stone? Now would be a great time to look for bridesmaid gifts! Bath sets with heavenly soaps and lotions will surely make them feel as pampered as they are appreciated. Or perhaps a cosmetic case? And who doesn't love the gift of jewelry! We have so many fun options for you to peruse...

Now you can happily debate the usefulness of trendy kitchen appliances knowing that you have the most important room in your home covered. Years from now, you may regret registering for that waffle iron. But luxurious linens will never gather dust in the closet!