Dorm Room Bedding - There's No Place Like a Home Away From Home

Heading off to college isn't all about picking courses and making new friends - it also involves setting up a home away from home. Grads worked hard for those college acceptances, and deserve both a beautiful space to call their own AND a good night's sleep.

Dorm rooms are notoriously spartan in their neutral colors and unadorned walls. And they often inspire homesickness when the initial excitement of the first day dies down. Best to arrive prepared for a quick transformation, easily achieved through warm, homey bedding. 

Every dorm room gathering centers around the bed. Who wants to perch on a desk chair when you can lounge on comfy pillows? Dorm beds offer the perfect blank slate to showcase style and personality through bedding choices. One small detail to remember: those extra long mattresses require XL twin sheets. But this doesn't need to cramp your creative style! We have a plethora of gorgeous designs that come in XL twin sizes - from serenely simple to the girliest of florals. You also don't have to sacrifice quality and comfort, as luxury isn't subject to sheet size... Our bedding will guarantee every grad the sweetest of dreams (when they're not burning the midnight oil). 

Prints are often preferred since they add an immediate pop of color and pattern to drab dorms. Check out some of our favorite looks from Pine Cone Hill

...while Stamattina's Antonia line has a classic collegiate vibe.

We've got great looks for guys as well!

Don't be fooled by first impressions...solid styles offer plenty of options beyond color choice. 

Classic simplicity is only the beginning. Sateen stripes and hemstitch styles are also on the menu. From the luminous sheen of Matouk's Key Largo... the subtle sateen of Peacock Alley's Duet...

Embellished linens can add a little interest to solids. Peacock Alley's Boutique line offers a touch of color stitching.


Matouk takes thing up a notch with their Scallop well as their Classic Chain.

Finally - if you want to go green, Pincone Hill's Silken Solid is 100% Tencel.

Extra touches for a well appointed college dorm room include a much needed mattress pad, a fun area rug, and some decorative pillows and throw blankets!

Some gifts for grads that will help make them feel at home in their new digs include a spa wrap for the daily dash to the showers...

...a silk sleep mask for those nights when the roommate is up late studying...

...and a luxurious bed rest  or colorful poufs- perfect for both reading AND entertaining guests.


And just like that - a characterless room can be transformed into a bright and welcoming oasis... Be it ever so humble, there's no place (in college) like the home away from home that you'll find in a cozily decorated dorm room!