Company's Coming! Our favorite ways to welcome guests

Whether your guests visit for a few days or weeks, providing them with a relaxing and cozy space will make them feel welcome. In this blog post, we will outline how to make a guest room comfortable. After all, Bedside Manor has been in the business of creating restful and welcoming spaces for 30 years. Here are a few of our ideas.

1. Luxe Linens
Nothing complements the perfect bed more than soft and comfortable sheets. Luxury bedding can take your simple guest room and transform it into something really special. Investing in high-quality linens will give your guests a good night’s sleep and show them their comfort is your top priority. Providing extra pillows and blankets is always a great idea so guests can tailor their sleeping arrangements to their sleep preferences. Shop Luxury Linens

Bed with white sheets and fluffy duvet

2. Things to Do Around Town
Including a guide to the area’s top attractions, dining spots, and shopping destinations is high on our list of guest room essentials. Focus on providing the featured attractions and activities based on what you know your guests enjoy doing. Whether they’re adventure seekers, foodies, or art lovers, providing them with curated activities is a thoughtful gesture they will appreciate. This may also include maps for running or hiking or guest passes to a local gym or spa.

3. Spa-Like Experience
Give your guests the 5 star treatment! After a long day of exploring or simply traveling to reach your home, you'll want to pamper your guests with plush towels, comfy robes, and slippers. Remember to provide them with salon-grade shampoo, conditioner, and body wash so they will feel extra-special during their stay. Little touches such as toothbrushes, floss, and mouthwash are thoughtful essentials.

Stack of Matouk Francisco bath towels

4. Hospitality
Thinking of items necessary for your guests to assimilate into your home shows how much you care. A simple frame noting your home’s Wi-Fi information and a note card with home electronic instructions can be helpful. A welcoming Guest Room sign is another way to show your hospitality. Some guests like to relax in their room first thing in the morning. If you have a dresser or desk in the room, set up a one cup coffee maker with all the coffee essentials and small bowl of snacks. 

5. A Place to Relax on Their Own
Although your guests have visited you, you should remember that they may still need a place to unwind and relax in private. Place a roomy armchair in the room with a cozy throw and table lamp so that they can read, sip coffee, or enjoy light entertainment when they take some alone time during their stay.

No matter how long your guests stay with you, you want to ensure their visit is an unforgettable experience. An outstanding guest room can make their stay feel like a 5 star hotel or resort vacation. Giving them a homely space to recharge ensures that their stay will be pleasant and memorable. By investing in comfortable linens, thoughtful amenities, and a list of local attractions, your guests can look forward to an ideal visit and enjoy their stay even more.