Being your best you!

Most people have a list of things they'd like to improve about themselves —from physical qualities like losing weight to emotional goals like being more patient with the ones we love.

September is Self-Improvement Month, and there's no better time to think about what it means to be your best you. Here are a few common self-improvement goals and how we can help you achieve them.

Get more sleep

Stop us if you've heard this one before: "Tonight I'm getting in bed early so I'll wake up refreshed and ready to start the day."
Experts agree that getting seven or more hours of sleep can help cut down on health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes and more. But getting the right amount of ZZZs is easier said than done in a world full of phone screens, mental distractions and household responsibilities. Fortunately at Bedside Manor, sleep is our specialty and we have practically everything you could ever need to make your bedroom a haven of rest.
A few tips from medical professionals for optimal snoozing: make a consistent routine, banish electronics from the bedroom and don't eat large meals close to mealtime. You can set the mood with calming aromatherapy like Lafco's chamomile lavender candle or Antica Farmacista's lavender and lime blossom diffuser.

Experts also recommend keeping your room as dark as possible at night to send your body a signal that it's time to doze off. If you can't do that for some reason (a streetlamp outside the window or a night-owl bed partner, for example), pick up a luxurious eye mask that will bring the dark to you.

Oh, and since you'll likely be spending one-third of your entire life in bed, why not improve the experience with a high-quality set of sheets. We have hundreds to choose from, like this bright floral set from Stamattina (currently on sale!):

Read more books

The benefits of reading are well-documented and include everything from vocabulary improvement to stress relief and more.

And don't feel obligated to banish your books to the shelf —we have a wide selection of books that are not only helpful but also beautifully designed to display in your home.

Make time for self-care

Perhaps the best way to improve yourself is simply making more time to care for YOU. Self-care doesn't always mean treating yourself to an expensive beauty treatment or massage (although we certainly wouldn't stop you if that's how you wanted to practice it!). It can also mean small gestures that are just for yourself, like taking the time to exfoliate your skin with a Coconut exfoliating sugar cube while breathing in the relaxing scent of Musee's Forever Young bath soak.

Self care could also mean upgrading your hole-filled college sweatpants to a more luxurious-feeling loungewear that pampers the skin and makes you feel like a true lady of leisure (even if you're just sneaking a solitary cup of coffee in the chaos-free ten minutes before the kids get downstairs).

However you choose to work toward being your best version of yourself, we might be able to help. Come visit us at the shop or online to start living your best life.