Beat the Heat with Cooling Sheets

Few things are worse than trying to fall asleep when it's too warm. And as temperatures creep higher in the coming weeks, your formerly restful slumber may turn into sweaty, sleepless nights.

Fortunately, you have several options more luxurious than propping a box fan at the foot of your bed. We have a large selection of sheets to keep your bed cool, crisp and comfy all summer long.

Best sheets for hot sleepers

Staying cool is all about the fabric. Obviously you'll want to avoid heavy materials like flannel and wool (at least until winter), but where should you start? Consider one of these types of breathable bed sheets if you're a sweaty sleeper:


Lightweight and breathable, percale sheets feel similar to your favorite dress shirt. Made with long-staple cotton as opposed to the shorter-staple variety used in lower quality bed linens, percale sheets are smooth and durable. They're also crisp and cool to the touch, making for a comfortable night's sleep.

Try these cool, crisp sheets:


If you're looking for something soft and sustainable, look no further than Bamboo sheets. Made of dissolved bamboo pulp, this bedding is manufactured with environmentally friendly processes. And they're decadently soft — Good Housekeeping reported that a panel of consumer testers rated a set of bio-wood fiber sheets softer than any cotton or cotton blended sheets in a blind comparison. Bamboo sheets are also extremely breathable, helping regulate temperature and manage moisture. Say goodbye to waking up in a pool of sweat and hello to a luxuriously soft night's sleep.

Try our favorite cooling bamboo sheets


Roman Hemstitch King Flat Sheet Bedding Style Matouk

Does any fabric evoke the feeling of summer quite like linen? Moisture-wicking linen sheets are naturally breathable. Initially, they may wrinkle more easily than their cotton counterparts, but after washings, fabrics just get softer and softer. The feeling of slipping between linen sheets is pure bliss — it's no wonder kings, pharaohs and other rulers throughout history have chosen linen for their boudoirs.

Try these linen sheets that will keep you cool:

  • Sferra's Classico collection
  • Matouk's Roman collection
  • Pom Pom at Home's Linen collection


The ultimate in luxury, silk sheets are instantly cool to the touch and breathable to help regulate your temperature all night long. As an added bonus, they're great for preventing wrinkles and frizzy hair. They do require slightly more maintenance than the average set of sheets (don't just toss them in the washer!), but the extra work is worth the luxurious payoff.

Try silk for night sweats and hot sleepers:

  • Silk Story's Whispercale Silk and Cotton blend - all the benefits of silk with the easy care of cotton
  • Branche's silk pillowcases are exceptionally smooth and will feel so cool against your skin.

Whichever material you choose, a cooler night's sleep is just a sheet-swap away. Stop by the store to find out more about which sheets are right for you.