Be our guest! Let us help you get your bedroom and bath ready for holiday guests.

The secret to being the ultimate holiday host is creating a warm and welcoming environment where your guests will feel comfortable and relaxed. As the owner of Bedside Manor for close to 30 years, my guests have high expectations and over the years I've discovered the simplest ways to turn your guest room into an inviting retreat. Here are my best tips for the ultimate Guest Suite:
Let’s start with the Bedroom!
Give your guests the comfort of layers on their bed. Everyone sleeps differently so providing different layers of weight for your guests to sleep with will insure the perfect night's sleep. 
1. Start with the mattress. If you want to create a hotel sleep experience consider adding a fluffy mattress pad or a bed topper. We're loving the new Thermobalance mattress pad by Scandia. Its temperature regulating qualities make it perfect for all ages and all seasons.
2. Next up, you need a fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillowcases. These new bamboo sheet sets from Yala are luxuriously soft (no need to iron) and eco-friendly. Win-win! Available in a range of colors, prices start at only $540 for a queen set.
3. No good guest bed would be complete without quality sleeping pillows. I like to provide four sleeping pillows for either a king or queen size bed; two medium pillows and two firm pillows. This ensures my guests will sleep comfortably no matter their sleep style. 
4. Lastly, add a coverlet and a blanket or duvet cover at the foot of the bed. A few decorative pillows and your guests will be ready for their perfect sleep experience.
And don't forget the little touches that truly make your guests feel your hospitality.
  • Empty the nightstand drawer and clear space in dressers and closets so your guests have plenty of space to organize their belongs and hang their clothes.
  • Include a water carafe, small clock, reading material, tissues tucked in the drawer and lamps on the nightstands for reading. In addition, I like to place an extra phone charger, pad of paper and pen in the nightstand drawer.
  • If you really want to go over the top and do something special for your guests, you can create a small coffee station in your guest bedroom with bottles of water, a single cup coffee maker, coffee pods, shelf staple creamers/sweeteners and morning biscuits for your visitors. A small writing desk, bar cart or top of a dresser is the perfect place to create this special addition.
  • Finally, a simple folding luggage rack is a nice addition and keeps the luggage in its own space.
Now on to the Bathroom!
A set of plush towels is a must! 2 bath, 4 hand towels, 4 wash clothes and a bath mat should be a sufficient number of towels for your guests and should fit easily in a small space. I always have a pair of black washcloths monogrammed with the word “makeup” on hand.
I like to provide at least one robe for my guests to use if needed. It’s a small addition and people really appreciate not having to pack one!
The finishing touch? A selection of toiletries displayed in something pretty such as a small bowl. Including a variety of soap options, cotton balls and cotton swabs is always nice. An extra toothbrush and toothpaste is a must and very much appreciated. Lastly, I like to place a makeup mirror, extra toilet paper and an extra hairdryer in the drawer for added convenience.
These thoughtful additions to your guest suite will have your visitors feeling truly special. Your biggest problem may be that they'll never want to leave!