Sustainable Luxury

There’s nothing better than a beautifully appointed bed, dressed with luxurious linens. But adding the element of sustainability takes things to an even higher level.

Green living requires effort and research. Knowing what’s out there is important when you are looking for sustainable sheets. There are several green options for bedding textiles, all of which are available at every price point. Including luxury product lines!

Obviously, cotton is the natural fiber most widely used in fabric. It dates back to prehistoric civilizations and can be found in every room and closet of a modern day house. But organic cotton is not your only option for “green” sheets.

Linen is one of the most biodegradable materials available. Made from flax, linen is more biodegradable when it isn't dyed. Natural hues offer a variety of elegant neutrals, including ivory, ecru, beige and grey. Like cotton, linen is one of the oldest known fibers. Every part of the flax plant can be used, eliminating waste. Flax is resilient and can grow in poor soil, using far less water in its consumption than cotton. 

Another family of sustainable fibers can be found in wood cellulose. Lyocell is a natural, cellulose fiber made by dissolving bleached wood pulp from sustainable tree farms. The ground pulp is treated in a “closed loop” process in which the solvents are recycled with a recovery rate of 99.5%. The tiny amount of remaining emissions is decomposed in biological purification plants. Lyocell is often blended with natural fabrics such as hemp, cotton and wool. These textiles are soft, strong, absorbent and resistant to wrinkles!

Tencel® is a brand name for a lyocell fiber, obtained from eucalyptus trees. Processing tencel never requires bleach, making it a fabric that has the smallest possible ecological footprint.

Another cellulose fiber used in bedding is bamboo. While tencel is categorized as a lyocell fiber, bamboo is categorized as rayon. Rayon fibers don’t use a closed loop process, so unlike tencel, bamboo fibers are processed with chemicals.

Tencel and bamboo are both natural fibers, but if you consider the use of chemicals in manufacturing them, tencel is the most sustainable.

Cotton…linen...tencel …how does this figure into shopping for bedding? Well – a lot happens between processing fibers and manufacturing textiles! Are those cotton, flax and cellulose fibers woven with other natural fibers or with synthetic blends? Stick with strictly natural blends. What is the thread count? When it comes to thread count, bigger is usually better – look for higher counts. But make sure those higher thread counts also involve longer fibers. That makes for the best durablility. Labels can be deceiving. Always read the fine print.

Of course, you don’t need to worry about that at Bedside Manor! We only stock the highest quality bedding and offer a lovely selection of sustainable products.

For instance…

Sferra's Classico line is 100% linen - crisp, cool and well, "classic." Add a monogram for the ultimate fine linens experience.

Pinecone Hill’s gorgeous Silken Solid line is 100% tencel and comes in both solid and quilted styles:

Another 100% tencel line, Belle Notte's Madera is smooth to the touch with a subtle luster, designed for ultimate comfort:

Feel like your sheets are falling flat? Add some fabulous shams! SDH, an all natural line, uses low-impact, fiber reactive dyes and methods.

If you love texture and luminous sheen, SDH’s Allegro (top) and subtle Jazz (bottom) are made from a blend of 80% Egyptian cotton and 20% silk:

Sustainable fabrics aren't limited to the bedroom! Peacock Alley’s Basics bath linens are as soft as they are sustainable. A blend of 60% rayon from bamboo and 40% cotton, they may be the most absorbent towels you’ll ever own!

And don’t forget your matching robe!

A final touch would be a sensuous scented soy candle. Unlike paraffin candles which are made from petroleum oil, soy candles are made with natural soybean oil. Not only are soy candles non-toxic and burn cleaner, they hold a strong scent AND burn 50% longer than paraffin candles. We have an assortment of heavenly scented soy candles from Lafco House & Home 

It's not easy being green. But it’s worth it. Or more to the point, YOU’RE worth it!