Fine Feathers

Ask anyone about their ideal bedroom and they will describe their preferences through color, design and texture. But if you strip away the different styles and aesthetics of 100 well-dressed beds, you will find one universal priority: comfort.

Good quality down products take a bed from “looks pretty” to “feels luxurious.” And when sleep is involved, comfort is king (though it is also possible in queen and twin sizes).
Sounds simple right? Just pick up some fluffy pillows and a comforter. But if you start reading product descriptions, you’ll find that there are some important quality issues to consider…
Both goose and duck down are commonly used, but by and large, goose down is your best bet. The larger the bird the larger the down clusters will be. The “fill power” refers to the number of cubic inches one ounce of down occupies in a comforter. The higher the fill power, the loftier the comforter. 
Weight comes into play when you are deciding just how warm you want your comforter to be. Colder climates will call for a higher fill weight, while more moderate winters may not require as much warmth. Location aside, we all have different sleep preferences. Some of us crank up the thermostat and others keep the bedroom cold so we can burrow under a pile of down. Fill weight can be just as critical to comfort as fill power, so choose carefully!

When it comes to down, the old saying, “you pay for quality” really does ring true. Cheaper down products typically have a lower thread count in the ticking (the cotton shell of the comforter). This means feathers can escape through tiny holes in the weave of the fabric. A higher thread count will keep the down inside and everything else out. And those of us with kids and/or pets can easily guess what “everything else” might be… Comforters with high thread count also have a better chance of the manufacturer’s instructions allowing for washing machine use as opposed to expensive dry cleaning.  Finally, higher end down products come with higher standards for down cleanliness, so they arrive in pristine condition.
It should come as no surprise that Bedside Manor stocks Scandia Down products. These pillows and comforters contain only premium goose down that has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized through a 12-step cleaning process we believe to be the highest industry standard. Also, Scandia down is actually certified hypoallergenic! 
All of our down products are fully protected by the Scandia Home™ Limited Warranty. AND Scandia is known for their in-house maintenance and restoration services. No need to replace an “old” comforter anymore - clearly these products are designed for lifetime use.