Elevate your office space with these work-from-home essentials

If you’re like the thousands of other Americans who have made the switch from office building to home office, you might be ready to spruce up your space.
Whether you have a dedicated office or are set up in a makeshift area (who’s using their dining room table for dining these days anyway?), here are our favorite work-from-home essentials:

Good lighting

From getting up before the dawn to burning the midnight oil, sometimes your workspace might need a little extra light. Studies show good lighting can help increase focus, productivity and of course your general ability to see what you’re doing.
We have a selection of lamps in several sizes that won’t overwhelm your desktop.


Ready to change up your Zoom background? Add a fun piece of colorful art to help yourself and your coworkers feel inspired.
Stick to something abstract or floral to avoid distractions.

Check out our collection of artwork on the walls at the store – we have pieces that will complement any décor.

Or if you’re feeling creative (and need a new quarantine hobby), create your own painting with Pink Picasso’s paint by numbers kits. These adorable kits take the guesswork out of artwork and allow you to easily create your own frame-worthy masterpiece.

Picture frames

Just like your desk at your former office, your home workspace should be adorned with things that make you happy, like photos of family and friends.

Choose a frame that’s bold yet neutral enough to work elsewhere in your home when and if you return to the office.


Taking notes doesn’t have to be boring. A fun, unique notepad will make your daily to-do list feel less daunting and more whimsical.

C. Buxton’s designs can be customized with adorable details like a picture of your favorite dog breed or even just your monogram in a snazzy font. Upgrade to the acrylic tray to keep your space organized and free of clutter.

Focus-boosting aromatherapy

Having trouble keeping your head in the game? Consider adding a diffuser or candle in a scent that improves focus, like Antica Faracista’s lemon scent or Lafco’s mint.

Flower arrangements

Bring a low-maintenance touch of nature to your desktop with a silk floral arrangement. You’ll feel less like you’re at work and more like you’re in a well-kept garden – and who wouldn’t rather be there?

Throw pillows

Need somewhere to rest your back (or knees, or feet) while you work? Peruse our large selection of gorgeous throw pillows in a variety of sizes, colors and fabrics.

Visit our website or come to the store to find other essentials that will make your home office feel a bit homier.