Color Trends: Think Pink!

Hues of blush were everywhere at the last High Point Market...


This was a surprise for us since Pantone recently announced that the 2017 color of the year would be Greenery, a fresh yellow-green, reminiscent of spring foliage. But looking at the Top Ten Colors, blush-hued Pale Dogwood stands out as a neutral pink that could work beautifully with any decor palette.

Aside from being a fabulous accent for Greenery...

...blush tones can add warmth to cool greys, set the scene for a dazzling pop of gold and add a softening accent to rooms dominated by deep, dark or jewel tones.

Did you love Pantone's 2016 color of the year, Rose Quartz? Well you are still on trend. Pale Dogwood is really just a slightly more subtle incarnation.

Don't assume that pinks are relegated to feminine or tween decor! Using blush with shades of grey or beige creates a master bedroom atmosphere that will appeal to both men and women. And we're not talking about that Miami Vice kind of masculine so popular in the 80's... Blush is a lighter shade of pink, but its neutral earthiness offers an edgier take on those dated pastels.

The contrast of blush and dark graphite makes a bold statement...

... while layering shades of blush with pale beige or grey creates a softer, more serene effect.

And don't be afraid to experiment with color. Inky blues look more glossy and lustrous when paired with blush.

The best thing about playing with neutral shades of blush, grey and beige is they all work beautifully together - no need to choose. And if you want to take things up a notch, consider adding a little bling with gold tone accessories. 

Dramatic or subtle...feminine, masculine or unisex...any decorating aesthetic can incorporate blush as long as you keep it fresh with occasional style updates. Whether you use blush as a background for other complimentary hues or for a dash of light and warmth, these sophisticated shades are a decor staple. Green may be the it girl of 2017 color trends, but pink is far from passé.

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