Which Throw Blanket is the Best?

Reposted from Apartment Therapy by Nicole Lund

No matter what time of year it is, a good throw blanket is always appreciated. Use them to cozy up on a chilly day, then keep them in the summer to add some color to your space. You're also free to play around with texture — wool throws are great for a room that needs softening, while cotton throws add layers when you feel like your space is lacking in something. 

How This Works

Every week we bring new products into our "test lab" and have the whole office vote on their favorites, based on quality, appearance, and price. The winners become the Top Picks of our Annual Guides, which showcase the best products of the year.

Our Top Pick - Sferra's Pettra!

Throw blankets are hard to judge objectively, and everyone has their own favorite, but we did try out a lot of throws at the office and I was surprised to find that everyone gravitated to the one that was the LEAST showy; the one that simply crushed it for softness, homey color and "price be damned!" The Pettra throw is a beautiful, svelte throw that will dress up your bedroom or living room. It's easygoing, making it perfect for wrapping around you as you sit and read or curl up on the sofa for a nap. It is more like an extension of your clothing than a traditional blanket!

Tips for Decorating with Throw Blankets

  • Make it pop. Use a brightly colored throw that will complement the rest of the decor and tie the room together, or make it a statement piece that will spice up an otherwise neutral space.
  • Go for warmth. Aside from creating physical warmth, throw blankets also cozy up a space by providing texture. If you have a bench or a chair that just doesn't look inviting, try draping a throw over it — the difference is immediate.
  • Revive old furniture. Love your older furniture but want to spruce it up? Throws are a quick fix to cover stains and tears, plus will make your antiques look more contemporary.
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