Pillow Arranging 101

Sometimes you think you have everything you need for the perfect bed. Sumptuous down products…impeccably crisp cotton sheets...a gorgeous coverlet… But when you put it all together, the effect is more flat than fabulous.

Time to get styling with decorative pillows!

Arranging pillows can be a fun (and affordable) way to add some personality to your bedroom décor. From minimalist simplicity to over the top opulence, the options are endless. So the first order of business is to identify your preferred style.

As you peruse magazines and websites, you will notice that pillow arrangements can have varying “depths”. Two layers of pillows will most likely appeal to a more modern aesthetic, while four layers may be preferred by those who believe that you can never have too much of a good thing. Deciding on the number of layers you would like for your own bed will determine the number of pillows that you need.

The general rule of thumb for decorative pillows is to place the largest in back, layering forward with the smallest pillows in front.  Two layers could involve as few as two large and one small pillow. Four layers could have as many as seven or eight (or more)! The more pillows involved, the more combinations you can try until you find the one that suits you best.

Another important element to consider is color. 

Do you like a fluffy white cloud of a bed?

Or do you have a signature color?

Then there are different fabric patterns to consider.

Floral motifs…

Bold designs…

Subtle Textured prints…

Since the multitude of choices can be overwhelming, we suggest you select one element like a color or pattern (or even a specific pillow) and make THAT the foundation for all of your decisions.

If you need some inspiration, our selection of accent pillows is vast and truly has something for every style! These will be your finishing touch. The minimalist bed could feature one simple pillow centered in the front. Beds with deep layers of pillows would include at least a few. We like to mix and match with patterns and styles that add a punch of personality to coordinated bedding sets. Here are some pillow arrangments you can find in our shop:

Still feeling a bit lost? One of our most popular lines, Matouk has excellent charts for both queen and king size beds.

Click HERE to see their detailed descriptions for how to achieve each look.

Now that you are equipped with some basic tips, have fun with this! Once you get started, it’s hard to stop.  In fact, you may have just embarked on a life-long obsession with decorative pillows. It’s okay – it can happen to the best of us!

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