5 Star Luxury at Home - Bedrooms Inspired by the World’s Finest Hotels and Resorts

The word "luxury" brings to mind the finer things in life - and what could be finer than a night in a five star hotel? Crisp sheets under cloud-like duvets...cozy guest robes in the closet...decadent bath products... This experience is surprisingly easy to to recreate in your own home for less than the cost of a weekend away!

The star of any luxury hotel room is the bed. Close your eyes and imagine sinking into sumptuous goose down and the softest cotton bedding... Now imagine experiencing that every night!

Let's start with sheets...
Sferra's Grande Hotel sheets are an obvious choice, as they were styled after linens found in some of the finest hotels in the world. Made from 100% long staple cotton percale, they include the subtle detail of satin stitch embroidery. You can stick to a monochromatic all-white palette, add a hint of contrast with ivory, taupe or gray, OR create a little drama with a pop of black or an elegant shade of blue. Like true hotel grade linens, these sheets are designed to last - so no fear of over-washing.

If you prefer sateen to percale, consider the sleek sateen of Sferra's Giotto line. Also 100% long staple cotton, these sheets are silky smooth, taking "slipping into bed" to the level of a bucket list experience. You can also add a little color - we love them all! From warm neutrals to the cooler blue hues.

Whether you prefer your sheets crisp or silken, a fluffy down duvet is a must for any luxury hotel-grade bed.

Duvet covers are available in all bed linen lines, so your next step is to select pillows and down inserts. Scandia offers several styles with varying fill power and price points. All worthy of the fine linens they complete. The final touch to cloud sleeping is of course, a down mattress pad.

Pro Tip: The secret of truly matching your sheets to the hotel bed experience is layering. In addition to a feather bed (or down mattress pad mentioned above) most hotel hotels have a sheet, blanket and/or duvet and then another sheet. Layering the bed like this assures proper temperature control and allows your body to always be touching the same soft cotton. Now that you've addressed the comfort of your body below your shoulders, take a look at your pillows. Having multiple pillows on the bed in different levels of firmness will provide the perfect blend of neck support and that feeling of being enveloped in downy cloud.

Hotels stays aren't all about sleeping of course!

The luxury experience of hotel bathrooms can also be achieved at home. Great towels take your daily shower from blah to spa. Whether you stick with hotel whites or prefer rich colors, you have two priorities: absorbency and variety of sizes. Terrycloth that's both soft and thirsty should be available to you in every size from hand towels to bath sheets (and don't forget a bath mat!). Matouk's Guesthouse Towels made of 100% cotton would do nicely. 

Special bath products are also a must. A collection of luxury soaps and lotions continue your spa experience. Niven Morgan's Blue, with its combination of amber, sandalwood and citrus offers a fabulous option for both men and women!

Truly enjoying your hotel room experience means taking some time to relax. So block out some quality lounging time! Slip into a waffle weave Egyptian cotton robe (monogram optional)...

...light a scented candle...

...and feel the stress of the day drain away. All without having to leave the comfort of your own home. When it comes to five star luxury, you don't have to travel to get away from it all!


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