Ho-Ho-Holiday Gift Guide: Special Gifts for Her, Him and the Person Who Has Everything

It can be a nightmare driving all over town or scouring every corner of the internet searching for presents. Let us take the stress out of the season. Bedside Manor is your one-stop-shop for everyone on your gift list this year. Below are some of our favorite gift ideas this holiday season:

For the person who has everything!

Set of Luxe Sheets

Everyone needs at least one soft, durable set of sheets — it's one of the only gifts your friends and family will use literally every night. Soft sheets mean a better night's sleep which in turn means more focus and better moods the next day. But luxury sheets aren't always something people think to buy for themselves. If your friends are still using the pilled jersey sheets they had in college, it's time for an upgrade and you're just the one to provide it. Even if you know your friend or family member already has a great set of linens, everyone will appreciate an extra set as a backup for laundry day. Sferra's Milos collection is a soft sateen long staple cotton so luxurious even the most discerning sleeper will adore it. Or reach for the Giza 45 collection, which features Giza Egyptian Cotton, formerly reserved for luxury men's shirting fabrics. If you're unsure of color preference, white is always a safe choice since it goes with everything and will never go out of style. So if you're in a gift-giving funk, try a set of luxury sheets. Your family and friends will appreciate a present they can use and enjoy all year long.

Sumptuous Down Pillow

Give the gift of a good night's sleep with the highest-quality down pillow. The National Sleep Foundation recommends replacing your pillow every one to two years because of the accumulation of dead skin cells, dust mites, body oils and other unpleasantries. Pillows also lose their shape over time, meaning they aren't supporting the neck and spine as they should. However, many Americans are still sleeping on the same pillow they had during the Bush administration. Everyone on your list will love a fluffy down pillow that will help them sleep better and wake up refreshed. Stop by the store to learn which down products are right for you.

Cozy Throw Blanket

You can never have enough throw blankets, especially as the temperatures start to dip and people begin arguing over where to keep the thermostat. Everyone will appreciate a  stylish, cozy blanket they can drape over a chair, bed or their lap on a chilly evening. These by Kevin O'Brien are handmade and hand-dyed in Philadelphia so each one is unique.

Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults!

An adult paint by numbers set is the perfect gift for everyone from the aspiring artist to the new retiree looking for something to do. The experts at Health Fitness Revolution say painting has many therapeutic benefits including improving concentration, sharpening fine motor skills and even relieving stress. One of Opah's Favorite Things, this set comes with everything you need to create a masterpiece of your own to display in your home.

For Him

Old-school Alarm Clock

Help him with his new year's resolution of cutting back on screen time by banishing the phone from the bedside table. Instead, pick up a bold alarm clock like this Italian wood one from Galassi. Small alarm clocks also make a charming addition to the desktop and work well for travel.

Framed Family Photo

Update his desk with a family photo framed in a bold texture like agate. Tizo makes quality frames in a variety of sizes and finishes that are guaranteed to last.

 Glam Leatherbound Book

Add some charm to his personal library with a leatherbound book like "Gone with the Gin," a Hollywood cocktail book featuring unique recipes like the "Bloody Mary Poppins."

Plush Bathrobe

Elevate his post-shower style with a soft robe that will keep him warm even on chilly mornings.

For her

Bedside Diffuser

An elegant alternative to a candle, a diffuser is both functional and aesthetically pleasing on the bedside table, bathtub or anywhere else you need a burst of fragrance. Nest has a variety of diffusers and scents, both classic and holiday-inspired. Or customer favorite, Antica Farmacista which offers 3 sizes and a multitude of fragrances. 

Eye Pillow with Lavender

A stress-relieving weighted eye pillow like this one from Elizabeth W is perfect for relaxation, yoga or setting the scene for a restful night's sleep. Filled with flaxseed and lavender, these silk pillows are sure to be beloved by any recipient.

Monogrammed Trash Can and Vanity Set

Perfect for a college student, new homeowner or anyone else who loves her monogram, this set comes in several versatile colors and can be monogrammed in many different fonts.

Windy O'Connor Acrylic Trays and Scarves

An acrylic tray or silk scarf featuring a one-of-a-kind design by local abstract painter, Windy O'Connor, is a gift that's both functional and an objet d'art. From her travels to faraway places or the latest runway inspirations to North Carolina landscapes, O'Connor is never short of new inspiration. These "Chica" face trays would be perfect for storing makeup, perfume and more.

Luxurious Loungewear

A soft set of pajamas or fleece-lined cardigan are the perfect gift for the woman who loves feeling pampered. We have several UGG pajama sets in stock including this fun holiday plaid.

Cashmere Sweater/Wraps

Don't pick out an itchy sweater she'll shove in the back of her closet, never to be seen again. Reach for something as beautiful as it is comfortable, like this cashmere sweater with a fur collar. It's perfect to throw on for a cocktail event, but the material is so dreamy she'll be tempted to wrap up in it while watching her favorite Christmas movie at home. Either way, you'll win points for giving the perfect gift.

Comfy Slippers

From encouraging circulation to reducing strain on the legs and feet, slippers have so many benefits that some studies recommend students even wear them at school. Keep her feet cozy this winter with a soft yet sturdy pair of slippers like these from UGG.

Silk Pillowcase or Sleep Mask 

Said to reduce the effects of aging, prevent wrinkles and extend the life of your hairstyle, silk pillowcases are becoming de rigueur for any beauty blogger, influencer or friend who aspires to be one. Make her holiday with a high-quality silk pillowcase or eye mask by Branche.

Jewelry and Accessories

Come to the store to check out our large variety of gorgeous jewelry and accessories, like bag charms made from vintage Hermes scarves. We have something for virtually every price point and style preference.

Bring your list to Bedside Manor and let our expert staff assist you in finding a fabulous gift that your friends and family will remember for holidays to come.

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