Getting Personal

Remember the 80’s when monograms were all the rage? Well, we’re here to tell you that they have never gone out of style in the world of luxury linens.

At Bedside Manor, we provide custom monogramming and embroidery in hundreds of styles and thousands of colors. If that sounds a little overwhelming, have no fear… We are here to help you find the perfect combination!

While you may not feel the need to brand all of your clothing and accessories with your initials...why not channel your inner prep and stitch some on your bedding!

Monograms can be crisp and bold…

…full of feminine flair…



…and regal…

There is no end to the options!

If you are just looking for an accent accessory, may we suggest a monogrammed throw pillow?

A little monogram goes a long way.

And don’t forget the bathroom!

Monogram towels are not just for newlyweds (But we do have a full service bridal registry if you are tying the knot). Consider adding a personalized shower curtain, as well.Last but not least, monogrammed hand towels are the signature of an elegantly appointed powder room. Perfect for hostess gifts too!


Monogram Etiquette

Not sure what your monogram would be? There are several ways to arrange your initials. As an individual, you could either use your first, middle and last name initials in order, all one size, OR you can place your last name initial in the center, larger than the other two, with your first name initial first and your middle name initial last. Traditionally, a married couple has a monogram with their shared last name initial in the center, larger than the other two (wife's first name initial first and husband's first name initial last). In the individual monogram for a married woman, her husband's last name initial would replace her "maiden name" initial. But a the monogram for a married woman who hyphenates her last name would be just like her unmarried monogram, with her maiden name initial replacing her middle name initial.

Simple, right? Not really if you consider all of the other variations... What is the joint monogram for a couple in which the wife keeps her maiden name? How do you handle the initial for a last name like Von Hansen? What about last names that begin with O', Mc or Mac? Find diagrams for these (and all other monogram information above) HERE!

So what do you think? Ready to make things personal in your home? Monograms are here to stay!

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