Dry skin be gone: Our favorite ways to stay soft and silky this winter

Even though we've been enjoying some warm weather in the Carolinas recently, we aren't out of the winter woods yet. We still have several more weeks of official winter and unfortunately, snowflakes might not be the only flakes you see. Dry skin is extremely common in the colder months when the humidity drops outside and moisture evaporates from your skin more quickly, leaving you feeling dry, tight and, yes, a little flaky. But take heart — you're not doomed to suffer until spring. Keep dry, itchy skin at bay with our favorite bath, body and bedroom products:

For the shower

Exfoliating is the best way to remove dry, dead skin, and bath brushes make it easy to reach every inch of your body. You can use them to apply your favorite moisturizing body wash in the shower or practice "dry brushing," an ancient Japanese method more recently raved about by the body experts at goop. Proponents of dry brushing say in addition to sloughing off dead skin, it can improve lymphatic function and even decrease the appearance of cellulite. Most experts recommend dry brushing during the few minutes you're waiting for your shower to heat up: start at the bottoms of the feet and brush up toward the heart. Then take your shower and follow with a light body oil while your skin is still damp.

Formerly loved by bathing aficionados in the Roman Empire, wool sponges are sensually soft yet strong enough to last weeks in your shower or bath. Use this sponge to apply your favorite moisturizing body wash and be amazed at the luxurious lather it creates. You may never touch another mesh loofah again.

For the bath

Harper+Ari's Dream exfoliating sugar cubes smell so yummy you may be tempted to pop one in your mouth — but instead, you'll need to save these scrumptious cubes to rub on your body, massaging away dead skin and impurities. One cube is typically enough for your entire body. Just take it with you into the bath (or shower) and rub it in, focusing on any dry or rough patches. You'll be on your way to smoother skin in no time.

Musee's bath balms and soaks can turn an average weeknight bath into a spa-like experience that pampers your dry winter skin. The "Oh What A Night" detoxifying bath balm features clarifying salts alongside skin-nurturing ingredients like jojoba oil and milk bath. Having trouble winding down? Reach for the "Dream Weaver" bath soak that contains lavender buds, Dead Sea salt, shea nut oil and more.

If it's your face that's covered in flakes, check out Skinny & Co.'s coconut oil-based line. The cleansing balm removes makeup while brightening skin and the all-natural coconut sugar-based scrub nourishes the skin with coconut oil and a touch of vanilla, making your face softer and ready for applying moisturizer or makeup. After you get out of the shower or bath, apply Skinny & Co.'s pure beauty coconut oil, a non-comedogenic filtered oil that's safe for use on your face, body and even as a hair mask.

For after bath/shower

All the lotions in the Niven Morgan line are made with skin-loving ingredients like aloe vera, nutrient-rich algae and Vitamin E. We carry a variety of scents including sensual Gold and refreshing Blue. Use both the body wash and the lotion for maximum fragrance impact, and be sure to apply the lotion while skin is still damp to help retain moisture.

Twist your hair up into an absorbent microfiber hair wrap while you finish your bedtime skin routine. These hair wraps don't just look chic — they fight frizz and flyaways while helping your hair dry quickly.

For the bedroom

Lock in moisture for your hair and skin with a silk pillowcase that feels luxurious and looks gorgeous on the bed. Known for preventing wrinkles by reducing friction against your face while you snooze, silk pillowcases also absorb less moisture from your hair and skin than their cotton counterparts. That means switching to silk could mean better hair and skin days, even in chilly winter months.

Keep your eye cream in place (and unwanted light out) with an elizabeth W weighted eye pillow. These silk pillows are filled with flaxseed to conform to your silhouette and lavender to help you relax. Their gentle weight helps wearers remain focused, which makes them perfect for use during meditation, or while trying to fall asleep.

We have lots more products to help you stay hydrated and comfortable this winter. Stop by the store and ask an associate to find out what else we have to offer.

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