Discover Your Sleep Style: Percale vs. Sateen

When you think of your perfect bed, are the sheets light and crisp or do they envelope you in a rich silkiness? Or perhaps both sound equally luxurious.

Different weaves create unique experiences. So how to choose…

Percale sheets summon images of a bedroom glowing with warm summer sunlight, windows open to let in the breeze. Or for the serious sleeper, black out shades and the subtle white noise of air conditioning. The word “crisp” is always used in describing percale, a light and breathable fabric. With its simple matte finish, this cotton weave is incredibly soft, so there is no need to sacrifice sophistication for comfort.

Our most popular percale collections include, Sferra’s chamois-like Celeste line...

…Matouk’s Luca sheets, an indulgence that brings a five star hotel experience to your own home...

…and Pine Cone Hill’s Classic Hemstitch, with its elegant decorative detail.

Sateen fabric is another cotton weave that embodies luxury in its luster and drape. Slightly thicker and more tightly woven than percale, sateen is often associated with colder months when nothing sounds better than burrowing into silken sheets layered with downy duvets. There is no mistaking that luminous sheen – sateen gives comfort a glamourous touch.

Need some inspiration? Sferra’s Giotto line is our most popular sateen, a slightly formal take on a sumptuous classic…

…and their Fiona line features special yarns woven to create a lovely, silky smooth finish.

Matouk’s Nocturne collection takes the decadence up a notch with a variety of opulent colors…

…and Peacock Alley’s Soprano sheeting is detailed with a classic blanket stitch hem – a simple touch of chic polish.

Whichever weave you prefer, make sure to read the label for staple length! Long Staple cotton is exceptionally fine and strong – two necessary qualities for truly fine linens. “Staple” refers to the measurement of the cotton fibers, the longer ones offering a higher caliber product. When used to make bedsheets, long staple cotton produces velvety fabric that becomes softer with every wash. And when it comes to bedding – softer is always better!

 So…do you prefer a crisp softness to your sheets or a silky one? If you’re still undecided, there is always a third option: BOTH! You could adorn your bed in percale for summer and then switch to sateen when temperatures drop. Whichever sheets best suit your preferred sleep style…high quality percale, sateen or both…sweet dreams are guaranteed. After all, what is luxury without variety?

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