Bright Ideas for Daylight Saving

Don't forget that Daylight Saving starts November 5. Falling back an hour doesn't just offer extra sleep in the morning, it also means that it will be darker earlier in the evening. And lamplight makes a cold night cozier by adding some warmth to your decor. So when the sun goes down, grab your favorite throw blanket, and curl up on the couch for some well lit lounge time!

Proper lighting can transform any room in the home. Take a look at some of our best selling lamps...

Something delicate, like the snow marble and brass Sidney lamp would be perfect for a bedside table or reading nook.

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A bolder style would better suit the living room. The elegant matte silver Fabio lamp has a subtle check-type surface pattern. Perfect for almost any aesthetic!

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For an office, consider an interesting or unusual touch. The Overton lamp is made from mouth blown glass, giving each piece a unique pattern of swirls in gray and caramel. Choose from either bottle or tear drop shape.

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Other favorites are the Aqua Glass Ripple Glass lamp - a very feminine style with vintage flair...

...the Greenfield Lamp - intersecting inverted pyramids in a striking navy finish.

...the Ravi lamp - an elegantly tapered lamp with a small footprint, perfect for credenzas and buffet tables.

...the Gordon Crackle Lamp - a porcelain table lamp with an ivory aged crackle finish and a banded drum shade. 

...the Vapor lamp - a gorgeous piece with an ombre effect that evokes an organic feel of stone.

or the Rhea Lamp - a sophisticated column lamp of powder blue porcelain and a lustrous gold pedestal.

Picking out lamps isn't all about decor though. You also need to consider function. If you would like general ambient light to recreate the effect of natural light, one lamp won't do the job. Make sure to station several around the room for balanced illumination. If you already have ceiling fixtures or track lighting, you probably just need some accent lamps, which are typically found on side tables or lamps required for specific tasks, like those found on desks. 

Once you have selected your lamps, make sure to use appropriate light bulbs. Incandescent bulbs produce a warm glowing light, but more energy efficient options have been gaining popularity. Compact florescent bulbs use 75% less energy. They tend to have a cooler lighting effect, but they also come in a range of brightness levels. LEDs last three times as long as compact florescents. They were previously perceived to be too harsh for residential uses, but newly developed versions are increasingly similar to incandescents. Halogen bulbs emit bright, white light and are best for task lighting. Energy Star has a handy online lighting guide to help you decide which bulbs work best for your needs.

Looking for more options? Over 60 stunning styles can be found on our website lighting page

Whatever designs suit you best, every room deserves fabulous lighting. Beautiful lamps both light up your life and let your style shine!

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