Making House Guests Feel at Home for the Holidays

The guest bedroom is often a favorite room in the house because it is the least cluttered. Yesterday’s socks don’t have to be picked up off the floor and the dresser top isn’t littered with the contents of emptied pockets. Many a host has been known to look wistfully around as they prepare the guest bed with fresh linens for visiting friends and family.

So, you are already off to a great start! But let’s take a look at those sheets that you are putting on the bed. Are they old? Stained? Showing a little too much wear? It may be time to invest in some crisp, new linens. And what about blankets? Do you have a warm one for cold nights?

Here is a check list of everything your guest room needs to make your house guests feel at home!

1. Make sure your guest room doesn’t feel like “home.”

Home is where the heart is. It’s also where the pile of unread magazines is…where the bag of clothing donations is…where the old desktop computer no one uses is…

Is your guest room also a makeshift storage space? This is fine for most of the year when no one is using it, but now you have company coming! Your guest needs a bed and a place to store their clothes. They do not need your old exercise bike or boxes of tax returns. Move the clutter to your own room for the visit.

Now that you have a fresh palette to work with, the real fun can start…

2. Select comfortable sheets that reflect your home’s personality and style.

Do you like a guest bed dressed all in white? Or do you prefer vibrant colors and patterns. As long as the sheets you select are good quality, you really can’t go wrong. Just make sure that you choose styles that are harmonious with the room (no clashing with wallpaper) and provide a relaxing environment for the people staying there.

Looking for a neutral? A solid color? A fun pattern? We’ve got you covered (pun totally intended):

Giotto by Sferra

Lorenzo by Annie Selke Luxe

Bel Tempo from John Matouk

Pro tip: if you have the time (and patience), consider running an iron over the sheets for hotel crispness!

3. Wrap it all up in a pretty package by adding a coverlet or duvet with shams.

Your guest bed covering will be the first thing people notice when they enter the room. Whether it’s a down comforter and duvet or a quilted coverlet, the reaction you want is a gasp of delight. And, we have plenty of options that will leave your guests breathless. Here are a few of our favorites:

Ann Gish Quilted Linen and Linen Wool Stripe

Peacock Alley's Alyssa

Bella Notte's Antonia

4. Time to accessories with blanket bling!

A well-appointed guest room needs to be ready for all weather and personal temperature preferences. So when it comes to blankets and quilts, more is more.

Make sure that you have at least one warm covering. A duvet or warm coverlet will do nicely for this, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have another heavy blanket on hand. You can fold this across the bottom of the bed for a layered effect. It’s also a good idea to have a lightweight blanket available for warmer nights when the duvet is too much but a sheet isn’t enough.

Brera by de Medici

Sferra's Kingston

Pro tip: If there is a comfortable chair in the room, drape a cozy throw blanket over it. Guests staying longer than one night will appreciate a comfortable spot to curl up with a book or magazine when they have a moment alone.

Emara from Sferra

5. The age old question… How many pillows?

Much like blankets, you should always err on the side of abundance. The ideal guest bed offers two pillows per visitor, making the minimum for a double or queen size, two medium to firm and two soft (check out our to-die-for down offerings!). The goal is for your guests to have some options to suit their pillow preferences.

6. Time for the finishing touch: accent pillows!

Even the most luxurious bed can fall a little flat without this extra embellishment. Don’t go too crazy, as you don’t want your guest having to remove 50 throw pillows before they can climb in…but one to three should do.

Need some inspiration? We have everything from cut velvet and classic borders:

Links Velvet Pillow

Avery Fretwork Pillow

Corana Pillow by Sferra

7. One last item on your list…bath towels.

These are easy to forget since a stack of bath towels isn’t something you place in your own bedroom. But your overnight guest will need a set for their own use, and shouldn’t have to go in search of them when it’s shower time.

Plan to provide two bath towels and hand towels per guest. Don’t want to ruin the effect of your lovely guest bed? Put them on a chair or dresser, OR trim a pile placed on the bed with a ribbon or sprig of lavender. We recommend John Matouk’s heavenly Guesthouse towels in cotton terry.

Your guest room is now ready to welcome friends and family with warmth, comfort and a well deserve touch of luxury. Enjoy your visit!

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