The Well Appointed Holiday Table

It should come as no surprise that we love nothing better than setting a beautiful holiday table. But even the most enthusiastic of hosts must battle that age old adversary, Time.

So often, our grand schemes for Pinterest party planning are lost in the chaos of everyday life. The result is that we rush to do one quarter of what we had in mind, and then feel like a failure every time we pass the full bag of crafting supplies that’s waited patiently in the corner for weeks.

And yes – that gold leafed display of fruit and chestnuts really would have been magnificent. But we are here to tell you that there are only three things a holiday table needs to charm and delight your guests: good food, great conversation and luxurious table linens. You’ll have to supply the food and conversation, of course, but we have everything else you need to make a holiday table shine (with or without the gold leafed centerpiece).

This handsome linen cloth from Sferra has an added white sateen applique border, creating an interplay of textures and lines. Tipton comes in several sizes of table cloth and is beautifully paired with matching napkins:

If you prefer a little shine on your table, this cotton and linen blend from Yves Delorme is the height of simple elegance:

Want a pop of color in your dining room? There’s an array of sumptuous options to choose from. Take a look at the Rectangle collection from Matouk:

Have a gorgeous antique table you can’t bear to cover up? Placemats are as festive looking as they are practical! We carry everything from simple white to whimsical patterns from the Sferra line of placemats:

Find even more table inspiration HERE with a full listing of Beside Manor offerings.

Maybe you will get to one or two of those Pinterest projects... But either way, knowing that your dining table exudes style, elegance and luxury will liberate you from the stress of entertaining and allow you to fully participate in the joy of simply being with those you love.

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