Tailgating essentials to upgrade your pre-game experience

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Bedside Manor 25th Anniversary Celebration!

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Love your silky white sheets? Here’s how to make them last.

If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to sleep in a four-star-hotel bed, you know there is nothing like the crisp, clean feel of fine white sheets. Here are tips from the pros on how to wash, dry and stain-treat your bedding so that you can prolong the life of your linens. Continue Reading »

Bridesmaid Gifts That REALLY Say Thank You

Gift giving is one of life’s great pleasures. And giving fabulous bridesmaid gifts will make your big day feel even more special. Continue Reading »

Threaded Bliss - How to select the perfect sheets for Newlyweds!

Brides and grooms will agree that one of the most fun tasks on their wedding planning to do list is setting up a bridal registry. Whether scrolling through websites or strolling down shop aisles, the abundance of eye candy makes the options seem limitless. We'll help you cut through the visual overload and narrow your search for the perfect bed linens! Continue Reading »

Dress your vanity—top trends in bathroom accessories

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Quality Control in Down Products: It Isn’t All Fluff

There is nothing quite like a bed dressed in down products. And it's no mystery why they're considered a must in luxury homes and hotels around the globe. Sinking into goose down bedding can so thoroughly erase the effects of a stressful day that you may wonder if it was all just a bad dream. Unfortunately, the fluffy softness of good quality down isn't easily or simply sourced. The textile industry has a significant impact on the world's water, soil and air,;and the fact that down comes from animals creates another complicated level of quality control. Continue Reading »

Fresh cut for spring: Pine Cone Hill’s new line of linens and more!

Pine Cone Hill's spring catalog is a breath of fresh air! Inspired by flowers and the restorative power of nature, this seasons's collections are bursting with joyful color. New designs feature both the pastels of new buds and vibrant full bloom hues. Continue Reading »

To Sheet or Not to Sheet

In the United States, we usually buy our sheets in sets: a fitted sheet, a top (or flat) sheet and two pillow cases. But a traditional European bed features only a fitted sheet and a duvet. And until recently, these continental preferences were almost universal... Continue Reading »

Feathering Your Nest – A Guide to the Ultimate Bed and Bath Trousseau

The venue is reserved, the wedding dress is ordered and a long list of vendors has been booked. Now it’s time for some serious fun: creating your bridal registry! Continue Reading »

Is It Worth It? The Lowdown on Luxe Sheets by Sferra

After years of struggling with inferior sheets, this blogger delves into the luxury bedding market with her first set of Sferra sheets. Were they worth it? Continue Reading »

The Care and Keeping of Luxury Linens – Expert Tips on Laundering

Finding the perfect linens for your home can be both time consuming and expensive. You will consider it time and money well spent, though when you slip into your luxuriously appointed bed each night. To keep your sheets looking and feeling as fabulous they did the day you purchased them, you’ll need to take extra care in laundering and storing them in between use. Ready to take those gorgeous new linens out of the package? Here’s what you need to do first… Continue Reading »

Discover Your Sleep Style: Percale vs. Sateen

When you think of your perfect bed, are the sheets light and crisp or do they envelope you in a rich silkiness? Or perhaps both sound equally luxurious. Different weaves create unique experiences. So how to choose… Continue Reading »

Which Throw Blanket is the Best?

No matter what time of year it is, a good throw blanket is always appreciated. Check out Apartment Therapy's Top Pick! Continue Reading »

Alessandra Branca Debuts Bedding for Sferra

The collection is an ode to fine linens of yore... Continue Reading »

Silk Pillowcases – More than just the perfect way to end your day!

Add a silk pillowcase to your bedtime routine! As your body restores itself during sleep, that soft silk you feel against your cheek is actually pampering your skin and hair... Continue Reading »

Fine Feathers

Ask anyone about their ideal bedroom and they will describe their preferences through color, design and texture. But if you strip away the different styles and aesthetics of 100 well-dressed beds, you will find one universal priority: comfort. With summer starting to wane, cold weather will soon be on its way. And a warm down comforter is exactly what you want as you climb into bed on a chilly night. Continue Reading »

Making House Guests Feel at Home for the Holidays

The guest bedroom is often a favorite room in the house because it is the least cluttered. Yesterday’s socks don’t have to be picked up off the floor and the dresser top isn’t littered with the contents of emptied pockets. Many a host has been known to look wistfully around as they prepare the guest bed with fresh linens for visiting friends and family. So, you are already off to a great start! But let’s take a look at those sheets that you are putting on the bed. Are they old? Stained? Showing a little too much wear? It may be time to invest in some crisp, new linens. And what about blankets? Do you have a warm one for cold nights? Here is a check list of everything your guest room needs to make your house guests feel at home! Continue Reading »

Bright Ideas for Daylight Saving

Don't forget that Daylight Saving starts November 6. Falling back an hour doesn't just offer extra sleep in the morning, it also means that it will be darker earlier in the evening. And lamplight makes a cold night cozier by adding some warmth to your decor. Proper lighting can transform any room in the home... Continue Reading »

Setting Your Table for The Holidays

The holidays are a time for gathering together family and friends - and what better place to gather than around the table for a festive holiday meal! A festive table doesn't necessarily require a "holiday" theme. If you don't have a vision of autumn gourds or boughs of holly, not to worry! Your tableware itself can provide all the decoration you need. So turn your attention to sparkling crystal, polished silver, gleaming china and of course, lustrous linens! Continue Reading »

Ultra Luxe Linens: When Only the Best Will Do

Home design trends are ever evolving, but one constant of recent years is a movement toward more simplified and sophisticated decor. Opulent excess has been replaced by a more streamlined elegance, shifting the focus to quality. High end home linen brands have taken a strong lead in the luxury space with collections that showcase revolutionary advancements in textile production and design. As these companies continue to source the highest quality materials from all over the world, they are also developing eminently modern designs with previously unheard of thread counts. Continue Reading »

5 Star Luxury at Home - Bedrooms Inspired by the World’s Finest Hotels and Resorts

The word "luxury" brings to mind the finer things in life - and what could be finer that a night in a five star hotel? Crisp sheets under cloud-like duvets...cozy guest robes in the closet...decadent bath products... This experience is surprisingly easy to to recreate in your own home for less than the cost of a weekend away! Continue Reading »

There’s No Place Like a Home Away From Home

Dorm rooms are notoriously spartan in their neutral colors and unadorned walls. And they often inspire homesickness when the initial excitement of the first day dies down. Best to arrive prepared for a quick transformation, easily achieved through warm and comfy luxury bedding. Continue Reading »

Sustainable Luxury

There’s nothing better than a beautifully appointed bed, dressed with luxurious linen. But adding the element of sustainability takes things to an even higher level. Green living requires effort and research. Knowing what’s out there is important when you are looking for sustainable sheets. There are several green options for bedding textiles, all of which are available at every price point. Including luxury product lines! Continue Reading »

Linen Taming: Organizing Your Way to A Manageable Linen Closet

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Color Trends: Think Pink!

Don't assume that pinks are relegated to feminine or tween decor! Using blush with shades of grey or beige creates a master bedroom atmosphere that will appeal to both men and women. And we're not talking about that Miami Vice kind of masculine so popular in the 80's... Blush is a lighter shade of pink, but its neutral earthiness offers an edgier take on those dated pastels. Continue Reading »

The Fine Art of Decluttering

Organizing your clutter isn’t hard with the right furniture and accessories. It’s amazing what you can do with a few drawers and a decorative box or two. Continue Reading »

Room Service: Complimentary Interior Design at Bedside Manor!

Avoid the hassle of returning home decorating fails with our in-home design service! Room Service provides Charlotte area residents with the help of an interior design professional. Not only will your Room Service associate assist with product selection, they will deliver everything directly to your home to see what works with your wall colors, window treatments and other established décor. Continue Reading »

10 Steps to a Good Night’s Sleep

Having a hard time winding down and falling asleep? Follow these tips and exchange restless nights for a good night's sleep! Continue Reading »

Our Afternoon with Peacock Alley’s Mary Ella Gabler

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Pillow Arranging 101

Sometimes you think you have everything you need for the perfect bed. Sumptuous down products…impeccably crisp cotton sheets...a gorgeous coverlet… But when you put it all together, the effect is more flat than fabulous. Time to get styling with decorative pillows! Continue Reading »

Getting Personal

At Bedside Manor, we provide custom monogramming and embroidery in hundreds of styles and thousands of colors. If that sounds a little overwhelming, have no fear… We are here to help you find the perfect combination! Continue Reading »

Giza Luxe: The Ultimate in Luxury Linens

Crafted from "The Queen of Egyptian Cotton", Sferra's exclusive line, Giza 45 Luxe is only available by custom order through a handful of retailers across the country. Bedside Manor is honored to be the exclusive dealer in North Carolina. Continue Reading »

Warm Up This Winter with Luxury Layers!

Those unseasonably mild months are officially over. Winter has arrived in full force with snow forecasts and bitter cold winds. Time to pull out your warmest bedding! It’s also time to check your supplies… Continue Reading »

The Care and Keeping of Luxury Linens – Expert Tips on Folding & Storage

In our last post, we told you everything you need to know about laundering your linens to keep them looking like new for years to come. But none of that is of any use if you still pull crumpled, yellowing sheets out of the closet. Learning how to store luxury linens correctly is imperative to maintaining their magnificence. First step? Folding your linens to avoid wrinkling. Continue Reading »
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